The RICI Enhanced® Indices Notices

The RICI® Enhanced Indices Notices

Notice of Changes to Bloomberg Tickers for Certain RICI Enhanced® Indices

As of close of business on October 9, 2020, Bloomberg tickers for certain RICI Enhanced® Indices were modified according to the list available here.

Notice of Suspension of Intraday Calculation and Publication of Certain RICI Enhanced Indices

As of January 4, 2016, and until further notice, Beeland Interests, Inc. will suspend calculation and publication of intraday levels for all RICI Enhanced Indices and sub-indices except RIEHA, intraday calculation and publication of which Beeland Interests, Inc. will suspend as of August 8, 2016.

To be sure, Beeland Interests, Inc. will continue via its index calculation agent to calculate and publish end of day levels for all RICI Enhanced Indices and sub-indices.

Notice of Correction of Certain Historic RICI Enhanced Indices Published Levels

On December 11, 2015, Beeland Interests, Inc. published corrections of certain historical end of day RICI Enhanced Indices levels that had been distributed via Reuters and Bloomberg.  In some instances, issues with the delivery of the RICI Enhanced Indices levels from the Index calculator to Reuters and Bloomberg, respectively, caused their publication of an intraday RICI Enhanced Index level rather than the end of day level. In other instances, end of day Index levels had been published on holidays, on which no Index level should have been published. The circumstances yielding the foregoing errors have been remedied.

Excel spreadsheet files containing comprehensive corrections data are available for review and download at the links included below.

Use Of One Or More Of The Following Files Is Subject To The Disclaimer Incorporated Therein

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Please direct any questions concerning the above matters to [email protected]